An insight into Ashleigh Scott from our fantastic Specialist Health & Work day to day routines.

We caught up with Ashleigh to find out what helps her keep a Work-Life Balance.

We caught up with Ashleigh to find out what helps her keep a Work-Life Balance.

Many people are continuing to work from home or adopting a blended approach to the working week.  This different way of working can be difficult to navigate, it is important to consider the balance between work and home life. I too had some difficulty adjusting.  So, what did I change about my day to support myself?

  • I catch the train home from work, no more sitting in traffic! The walk to the station with an audiobook allows me to separate work and home. If I am working from home, a walk after work is a good substitute to decompress.
    Back to work tip: When is the last time you travelled to work?  Try a practice run before your first day.
  • I am a foodie and love cooking, so I pre prepare lunches for the week ahead. It removes a task from my working day and keeps my energy balanced!
    Back to work tip: Reconnect with your team, for example, have lunch with a colleague you haven’t seen in a while.
  • I plan my week in advance, setting aside time for intensive work or big projects. Colour coding my diary works best for me as I can see what my day looks like at a glance. 
  • Scheduling time for tasks reduces the risk of working out with your office time. It also prevents “juggling” several tasks at once, and this in turn minimizes errors.
    Back to work tip: Diaries and calendars shouldn’t become an additional stressor; they should work for you.  Are there any functions you weren’t aware of that could help you organize your working week?
  • Working from home can often feel like there is no physical distance from the workplace. I find it helpful to turn off the computer on weekends or place a room divider across my desk so that it is not visible.
    Back to work tip: If you work remotely from a laptop, it can be helpful to put the laptop in it’s carry case at the end of your shift.

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