Beatson Cancer Charity refurbishing the Tom Wheldon cafe area

4th April 2016 12:00

4th April 2016

Beatson Cancer Charity is refurbishing the  Tom  Wheldon Cafe Area   to make it a warm and welcoming space for patients and families. This project is possible  thanks to  the support and generosity of all Beatson Cancer Charity supporters.  

The  Cafe  Project works will take  eight weeks and during this time the charity will be providing a free tea trolley service for patients and families in The Beatson Cancer Charity Hub located in the Tom Wheldon Building at the  Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.  

The service  will be available between 10am and 4pm .  

Independent coffeee suppliers, Matthew Algie, has donated products to support a tea trolley complimentary service during the refurbishment of the Beatson Café.  We would like to thank Matthew Algie for agreeing to donate coffee dispensers, a coffee maker,  tea and coffee to make possible this  complimentary service which will be offered to patients, families and staff throughout the refurbishment commencing today, 4th April . 

If you would like to be part of our volunteering team  for  the  Beatson Café please  contact us  by  email  or by calling on  0141 212 0505.