Reverend Ian Miller donates memoirs proceeds to Beatson Cancer Charity

14th July 2016 12:00

14th July 2016

Reverend Ian Miller is one of the best known faces in the west of Scotland – all the more apparent when he stopped by The Beatson to hand in a cheque and was instantly recognised by patients and visitors alike who chatted fondly to Ian. He kindly dropped by to hand over a very generous amount of £2,000 to Beatson Cancer Charity raised from the proceeds of his autobiography – Habbie to Jeely-Eater. 

The fantastic, light-hearted and poignant book covers his whole life so far - everything from being a weekend guest at Balmoral, his time as a Church Minister, a Celtic supporter and among other subjects, a family man. It has already sold over 2000 copies following its release a few months ago with many more set to be sold all for the benefit of causes close to Ian’s heart. 

Ian is a pillar of the communities of Kilbarchan and the Vale of Leven having served for over 37 years and is deeply involved in schools, hospitals, weddings, baptisms and funerals. He has a wife Joan and two sons, Derek and Andrew, and four grandchildren – Ben, Josh, Rowan and Jake. Joan was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in December 2013 and was at The Beatson until February of the following year. The wonderful care the both of them received from hospital and charity staff during her stay at the cancer centre was second to none and made a difficult time that bit easier. Ian commented on the experience very positively and has only gratitude for the staff who looked after Joan so well. She used many of the wellbeing services Beatson Cancer Charity offers which helped her to relax during gruelling treatments. 

Ian said: “The Beatson is like no other place – it is filled with wonderful, caring people showing passion and empathy every day to all of the patients and their families who attend the cancer centre. Joan was so well looked after and I will be forever grateful to The Beatson and Beatson Cancer Charity for their support. I saw humanity at its basic form there and that’s incredibly powerful. 

We are pleased to say Joan has recovered well and her stay at The Beatson as well as friends telling him to do it inspired him to write the book which we’re so glad he did. 

David Welch, Chief Executive of Beatson Cancer Charity, said: “We are so grateful to Ian for donating the proceeds from his brilliant book to the charity. It was a pleasure to meet Ian and to hear some of his famous stories and how well Joan was looked after while she was at The Beatson. 

More than one in three people are affected by cancer in the west of Scotland - the highest cancer rate in Europe. As technology advances and new treatments are developed, the demands on cancer services continue to grow. Support we receive, like this from Ian, and the wider community is vital in helping us to continue to provide a range of wellbeing services and funding to enhance the wonderful care thousands of patients and their loved ones receive at The Beatson and related facilities each year. 

Ian has also donated £1,000 to Bonhill Church and will continue to raise money for both organisations through the success of the book. Habbie to Jeely-Eater is available through Amazon as well as local shops. For more information, please email