Behind every bauble there’s a story – Scott

14th November 2016 12:00

"Throughout all the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery the nurses were brilliant."

14th November 2016

"Throughout all the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery the nurses were brilliant."

During September 2011, Scott had started to feel unwell, he wasn’t the kind on young man who went to the doctors, but he had severe back pain and was in so much discomfort and had to see his doctor. He was told that the pain he was experiencing was muscular. 

When it didn’t ease he went to the doctors again and they asked if he had noticed any changes since his last appointment and Scott explained that he had noticed his right leg was deteriorating. The doctor did a thorough examination checking Scott’s back noticing he was in extreme pain. 

Not long after Scott was admitted to hospital and was eventually referred to The Beatson were he had for further tests and scans. It was here Scott's Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Beatson gave him the devastating news that he had Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer at just the age of 21. 

Scott faced his cancer bravely for two years and after the second round of chemo they found a tumour in Scott’s leg, which the doctors talked about the possibility of amputating. Audrey, Scott's Mum explains how hard this was for Scott: 

"Scott loved his skateboarding and karting, so you can imagine how hard this was for him to cope with. But he didn’t want to give up fighting and he was determined to make the best of things. He always said, 'there is someone worse off than me mum'... Throughout all the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery the nurses were brilliant. And when we were waiting for test results, and it all got a bit much, they were always there with a comforting hug." 

Liz, Scott’s Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Beatson, then had to give horrible news that Scott condition was getting worse. Audrey said: 

"She was so sensitive when she broke the news to me that Scott’s condition was declining rapidly and he didn’t have long to live. She also said that we could take him home if we wanted to and they’d make sure he was comfortable. I’m so thankful that Scott was able to spend those last precious hours in his own room, surrounded by love." 

Scott passed away on the 1st October 2013.  

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