Good luck arctic trekkers!

27th February 2017 12:00

27th February 2017

Eight  Beatson Cancer Charity supporters have taken on the challenge of a lifetime and will spend three days trekking, dragging their own equipment and camping out in sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle. 

Beatson Cancer Charity’s very own Head of HR Kimberly McCourt who taking part in the event said:   

"I am proud to be part of Team Beatson. I am proud to work alongside world class staff providing world class treatment and undertaking ground breaking research. I wanted to do a challenge event for many reasons.  I want to push myself to the limit and harder than ever before.  I don't do hill walking or camping, I don't spend much time without my daughter or leave the house without having a shower, putting on my slap and straightening my hair.  A day doesn't go by where I don't check emails, use WhatsAppp, read Daily Mail Online or watch something on Sky Box Sets.  So this challenge really is the challenge for me." 

Former patient and supporter Stephen McLaughlin also said:  

"I’ve always wanted to give back to the Beatson – it’s only when looking back that I realise how much they did for me...I also realise how hard this challenge might be – the weather conditions could change and it could go one of many ways… 

"I probably look forward to thought of crossing the finish line– it’s good that they do something to mark the end." 

We would like to wish all our Trekkers a big good luck ahead of the Challenge! 

If you are interested in taking on the ultimate challenge to show your support – please contact Kirsty on 0141 212 0505 or email for more information.