Postcode lottery players raise £19,500

20th April 2017 12:00

20th April 2017

Beatson Cancer Charity has received £19,500 of funding from People’s Postcode Lottery - a charity lottery raising funds and awareness for a wide range of good causes. The money will go directly towards supporting our unique Specialist Health and Work Service. 

As more people of working age survive and live longer with cancer, there has to be an increased focus on maintaining employment both during and post treatment. Beatson Cancer Charity’s Specialist Health and Work Service works with patients who are remaining in work, returning to work, or looking for a new job offering practical health and work advice and guidance to patients through every stage of their treatment journey.  

The service currently works with around 70 individuals and families at any one time and as the demand for the much-needed provision grows, the money provided will support an expansion of the current service and a project which will focus on delivering proactive employer engagement – working with employers, sector leaders and political establishments to influence wider policy for cancer patients and help employers develop health and work policies to best support individuals diagnosed with cancer. 

This project could positively affect thousands of cancer patients and their families and it is envisaged that this model could be rolled out beyond health and work in cancer care to support individuals after diagnosis for any long-term illness. 

Victor Manley, Trust and Foundation Manager at Beatson Cancer Charity, said: 

“We are delighted to benefit from the hugely generous support of People’s Postcode Lottery. Without this type of support, the charity would not be able to make such a difference to those affected by cancer.  

“We’re very grateful to all People’s Postcode Lottery players for their commitment to raising money for Beatson Cancer Charity and this life-changing project. Their generosity will have a direct impact on thousands of cancer patients and their families, both now and in the future, through the dedicated work of the charity’s Specialist Health and Work Service.”  

Beatson Cancer Charity enhances the treatment, care and wellbeing of people affected by cancer. We provide high quality patient and family support services through our award-winning Wellbeing Centre, throughout the wards and departments of The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and at cancer treatment facilities across the west of Scotland.  

In our first three years we have secured a total income and planned expenditure of over £14 million in our determination to beat cancer. The £14 million raised has allowed the provision and expansion of a wide range of high quality patient and family support services and the delivery of many projects to benefit people affected by cancer including funding specialist clinical staff, world leading research projects, cancer education and awareness initiatives and innovative service developments. 

With 30,000 people in Scotland being told they have cancer every year and trends predicting that this number is likely to rise to almost 35,000 by 2020, Beatson Cancer Charity plays an increasingly fundamental and critical role in the fight against cancer. 

For more information about Beatson Cancer Charity, please click here. To find out more about People’s Postcode Lottery and People’s Postcode Trust, visit or