Booby birds

18th September 2019 12:00

"17 business women have taken on this terrifying but exciting challenge to help us raise £100,000 for Beatson Cancer Charity."

18th September 2019

"17 business women have taken on this terrifying but exciting challenge to help us raise £100,000 for Beatson Cancer Charity."

Beatson Cancer Charity are celebrating our 5th birthday and to celebrate we are having a year worth of fundraising activities. One of which is our Beatson Booby Bird Skydive on the 12th of October at St Andrews Skydive Centre in Glenrothes. 17 business women have taken on this terrifying but exciting challenge to help us raise (collectively) £100,000 for Beatson Cancer Charity.   

The reason for the name, Booby Birds came about 10 years ago when 20 influential women in business got together to face their fears and raise funds for local Breast Cancer Charities and one of the women taking part in that was none other than our board member and former interim CEO, Alison McGregor. 

Alison has been on the Beatson Cancer Charity board since the charity began 5 years and had recently stepped in as interim CEO at the start of 2019 and suggested bringing together 20 woman to participate in the Skydive with funds being raised for Beatson Cancer Charity and not solely Breast cancer.  The yellow footed booby bird is an extremely rare bird and we thought it was perfect for our fabulous Beatson Ladies.   

If you wish to find out more information on this event or to support the women in anyway please contact Karen Harrower or Charlene Clay on 0141 212 0505. 


Introduction to the Beatson Booby Birds

Barbara Brown

– Consultant, Facilitator, Coach for Positive Momentum 

"I’m joining the fabulous volunteers who have a great personal story and reason to want to throw ourselves out of a plane so that we can attract lots of new supporters and donations for the Beatson Cancer Charity. Conquering our fears to make the lives of others just a little bit easier - it was impossible to say no!"  




Carol Henry

- Group People Director Arnold Clark 

"In 17 years of working at Arnold Clark, I’ve been very lucky to be part of the lives and stories of thousands of people, from all walks of life. 

"But in such a big company, with over 12,500 people, it’s inevitable that many of those people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. And cancer will have an impact on many more around them – their parents, partners, children, siblings, friends and colleagues.  

"Beatson Cancer Charity is there to offer treatment, care and compassion, and their work is made possible by donations. I’ve been to the centre in the West of Scotland several times, and I’m always touched and humbled by those who I meet there."




Caroline Meikle

- Business Development and Marketing Director at Green Cross Training 

"I lost my mother in law Mabel, everyone who knew Mabel will know what a kind gentle, happy lady Mabel was.  They will know what a huge impact her loss was for myself, Gerry and our girls Sarah, Jenna and Emma. Mabel helped me raise my daughters and was a brilliant mother in law. Mabel gave so much love, all her time care and devotion to everyone she knew. There aren’t many families who have not been touched by one type of cancer of some sort. 

"My mum is a survivor of cancer as is my niece Jennifer Meikle. 

"So this is deeply personal to me. I will need everyone help and support to achieve the goal."





Claire Fotheringham

– Cluster Revenue Manager, Doubletree by Hilton Central, Strathclyde & Edinburgh Carlton 

Frances Hope 

– Business Development Director, Doubletree by Hilton Glasgow  

"Together with a select team of bold, brave women we are uniting to take a tandem parachute jump destined to be one of the most amazing experiences of our lives and the catalyst for a future free of cancer. 

"This will take place at Fife Airport near St Andrews and we are aiming to raise £2000 between us in the next few weeks for this great charity so please dig deep and help us. 
For all you out there that know Claire and Frances you will know they are a little MAD but come on this is special even for them!"




Courtney Flynn

– Account Manager Conference Care Ltd  

"Cancer has affected every one of us at some point in our lives and Beatson Cancer Charity exists purely to make this a more supported time for every one of those individuals.

"In the past 28 years of my life, several members of my family and close friends have dealt with loss due to this horrible disease. Beatson are a force that are striving to help change the lives of those that are affected by cancer and give them the best love & support possible!"




Elaine Macdonald

– Business Development Manager IG Contracts 

"The Beatson need no introduction I am sure as many of us have friends, family and loved ones who are unfortunately touched by this despicable disease.

"The Beatson is a ray of hope for many and a safe haven for patients and families alike. I am delighted to be supporting them but equally terrified at what I have managed to get myself into this time!"




Farah Hussain

– Business Coach Influential Minds 

"I am doing this skydive in memory of a good friend and business colleague, Alex McGrouther.  Alex was diagnosed with myeloma in June 2017, and underwent gruelling treatment. Despite this he continued to run the business he had with his wife Jackie, and faced his cancer with dignity and determination. He received a stem cell transplant in May 2018 at The Beatson and the care he received was second to none. 

"The whole family were so grateful to The Beatson as they made everyone feel at ease and patient care was exemplary. Sadly Alex lost his fight in January 2019 and the family, in his memory continue to support The Beatson."




Jennifer Phin

– Managing Director AC Whyte

"My skydive is dedicated to my incredible, inspirational friend Lynsey, who has been receiving treatment from the Beatson Cancer Hospital since she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year AND who I’m proudly jumping alongside!!!

"I will also be jumping for the many others fighting their own battle with cancer both publicly and privately."




Lynsey Haggarty

– Community Banker RBS 

"I have been receiving treatment from the Beatson Cancer Hospital since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March this year. I have been very lucky to have had this amazing facility available to me and on my doorstep. The treatment I have received has been nothing short of wonderful and thankfully I am recovering well and last week got the amazing news that I am now cancer free!! 

"I now want to do something to help raise money to allow them to support more patients in the future to get the same amazing outcome as myself."




Megan Smyth

– Consultant at Michael Page Recruitment 

"I am delighted to be joining the Beatson Booby Birds this year. Breast cancer awareness is so important to me. My Gran had breast cancer a number of years ago and we were so lucky she was successfully treated and lives to tell the tale.

"There’s so many people who aren’t so lucky and who need to be educated on what to look out for. Get to know your own body and identify changes, it could save your life – and you’re so worth saving.  

"I couldn't be prouder to be a part of this amazing group of women."




Petra Wetzel

– Owner West Brewery  

"Naively, I promised Alison McGregor (of HSBC and Beatson Cancer Charity) to help with "some fundraising” for The Beatson a few months ago!

"I thought I volunteered to sell some raffle tickets or donate dinner at WEST to an auction. Little did I know I signed up to jump out of an aeroplane! I only discovered this small but important detail when I got asked last week what size of jumpsuit (the simple answer is large enough for my supersized underpants!)

"My granny Betti died of cancer in 1999 and I still miss her every day. She was my hero and I hope I’ll do her proud."




Genna Masterton

– Founder / Social Entrepreneur at The Gifted Kind 

"When I jump out of the plane, I’m going to be brave, knowing how even more brave, the people fighting cancer and visiting the Beatson have to be everyday.

"I’m going to think of two very special friends/mentors/inspirations in my life who have shown such courage to live such a beautiful life beyond cancer. I’ll also be thinking of friends who have lost loved ones. I’ll be remembering how lucky I am to be alive and the choices I am able to make so freely about my life."




Kim Armstrong

– Virtual Mortgage Associate HSBC 

"Almost 2 years ago my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, we have always been very close however we both found it difficult to talk about what was happening. When we went into the Beatson Lanarkshire for her first appointment the centre could not have been more welcoming. As we were leaving the receptionist made us aware of the complimentary therapies available to patients and their relatives. 

"We were swiftly booked in and gave us something to look forward to when she was having her radiotherapy. Also being able to talk to the therapists made it easier to talk with mum as they told me that everything I was worried about discussing mum probably was as well.

"I am blessed with good health and an addiction to adrenaline so why not jump out a plane to raise money for this amazing life changing charity!"




Jennifer Meikle

– Manager at Coho Convenient Store 

"On the 1st February 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Two and a half years on from that diagnosis I can reflect on my experience of cancer treatment, in Scotland, with nothing but praise and gratitude.  Following my experience on the “cancer conveyor belt”  I now realise the importance of the work charity contributes to help sufferers.

"I have always donated to good causes personally but never organised something myself and asked for support in doing that. I believe fund raising has two positive elements.  It helps financially but it also raises awareness of the importance that cancer is becoming more and more treatable. I am living proof of that.  I confronted a number of fears during the progression of my treatment. 

"To mark the second anniversary of my final dose of radiation I intend to confront another fear. I am going to hurl myself out of a plane at a few thousand feet and make my way safely back to earth with the aid of a parachute.  This is going to be a mental and physical challenge however it is nothing to the challenge people face each and every day when they are given the bad news."




Jennifer Teece

- IT Consultant for The National Grid 

"I've witnessed the devastation that cancer can cause and I've witnessed the light that Beatson Cancer Charity brings to everyone in it's care - patients and families alike. I feel privelaged to be a member of the Booby Bird gang along with so many other inspirational women, and I can't think of a better charity to throw myself out of a plane for! 

"Every day of living is a privelage, so what better way to celebrate than to champion Beatson Cancer Charity which places such an emphasis on making life brighter during the worst times?"