Spooky Halloween Fundraising Ideas

16th October 2020 12:00

Beatson’s Bewitching guide to Halloween - Top Tips of Virtual Halloween celebrations

Beatson’s Bewitching guide to Halloween - Top Tips of Virtual Halloween celebrations

16th October 2020

It’s that time of year again when days start to get darker and the nights a little spookier and you notice a few more pumpkins in the supermarket than usual! It only means one thing…Halloween is approaching!

Everyone is always up for a bit of fun on Halloween and it’s a perfect opportunity to do some fundraising, however as we all know 2020 is very different to previous years.

Here are some simple spooky Halloween ideas you can participate in at home or virtually for you to get planning for the end of the month.



Stayin' Inn Halloween Quiz 

We're delighted to receive support once again from The Stayin' Inn team over the Halloween weekend! 

Keep an eye on The Stayin' Inn Facebook page for fundraising quizzes streamed live across the weekend - with fantastic giveaways up for grabs!

Visit their page here 


Bath in Beans 


Which friend or colleague will pull the short straw in this disgusting challenge. Get sponsored to take a dip in a bath of baked beans. The kids will definitely pay their pocket money to see their teachers do this!

Dress up at work Virtually 

Dress Up at work Vitrually

It’s the time of year when everyone has the excuse to dress up (It’s Halloween!), so why not do this while working from this year?

Charge everyone a small amount to take part and why not hold a best costume prize for the best dressed and the scariest!? 

Trick or Donation?

A really simple idea if you are thinking of doing trick or treat with the kids Virtually with friends and family.

Instead of asking for a trick or treat, you ask for a trick or donation! How simple is that!? 


Pumpkin Carving Competition


Are you the best pumpkin creator? Why not hold a pumpkin king carving competition for the scariest or best designed pumpkin? There are lots of imaginative ways you can decorate yours to become king or queen creator!  

Have a prize for the winner, post on social media and encourage donations for taking part to your friends and family.

A Halloween Bake Off


Get together virtually with your friends and create the scariest bakes and cakes that you can think of. 

Click here for some inspiration! 


Virtual Halloween Fundraiser Party

Elena González Hontoria / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images


Why not combine all the above and hold your very own Virtual Halloween party!

Make a night of it! If you think you can organise this in time, why not create the best virtual Halloween party you can with your friends and family!



Most importantly any of these ideas above will be helping to raise vital awareness and funds for Beatson Cancer Charity, it means we can continue supporting patients in a variety ways. Find out here

If you want to find out more ways you can fundraise here.