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How We Help

The Specialist Health and Work team is experienced in health and work issues, particularly for those who have been affected by cancer. The service supports those who are remaining in work, returning to work or looking for a new job. We also provide a range of psychological support services.

We provide support to help people stay in their current job or when returning to work. They can be given advice and guidance through every stage. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • We can work with you and your employer where required to agree a return to work plan.
  • We advise on any adjustments that may be needed to make sure that your return to work is as smooth as possible.
  • We support you in making decisions regarding your working future.
  • We attend or advise on return to work meetings that will help employers understand your needs.
  • We identify employability services which can help you find new employment opportunities

Some Other Benefits Of The Service

What's involved

Here is what to expect when you engage with our Specialist Health and Work Service.

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Make enquiry by calling or filling out the contact form further below

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Schedule a one-to-one meeting (phone or in person)

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Get ongoing personalised support & information

Service Testimonials

Here are some testimonials of clients who have used the service before.

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