Beatson Ball Busters

After the success of the Beatson Booby Birds skydive in October 2019 and the challenges of 2020 we are absolutely delighted to announce that 20 men in Business and of profile will be taking to the skies of Fife on Saturday the 4th of September as Beatson’s Ball Busters 2021 raising funds collectively to make a difference for those patients and their families facing cancer. 

Not for the faint-hearted, you will use a dual harness securely attached to one of the instructors from St Andrew’s Skydive Centre you will exit the aircraft from up to 10,000 ft above the ground and you will experience approximately 30 seconds of free fall – diving through the air at up to 120 miles per hour – before the instructor deploys the parachute at around 5000ft. 
You will enjoy beautiful views over the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh and Fife and your instructor may even let you take the steering reins. Check out the St Andrews Skydiving Centre here.

If taking on the 10,000 ft skydive doesn’t scare you but the thought of raising £5,000 please don’t worry we will support you every step of the way and come up with ideas and different ways to fundraise…we are with you every ft of the skydiving journey. 

Some of the inspiring and brave ladies who took part in 2019 created Just Giving pages, organized family and friend fun days, raffles and there was even a Beatson Booby Bird Ball afterwards to raise further funds. 

To see about the ladies that took part and why you can click here.
If you wish to find out more about how to get involved please email Charlene Low via or call on 0141 212 0505. 

You can also donate via our Beatson Ball Busters Just Giving Page here.