Beatson to the Ben

29th May 2019 12:00

29th May 2019

Hamish and Muriel set off on their 100-mile journey of a lifetime on Wednesday 22 May from Beatson Cancer Charity’s offices. 

They are already halfway through their schedule and making fantastic time. You can follow more of Hamish’s journey here through Muriel’s twitter account: 

Members of Team Beatson are hoping to join Hamish, Muriel and friends on their final leg of the journey – climbing Ben Nevis. This won’t be a normal climb, as we will attempt to take the familiar Beatson tea trolley with us to the summit. 

Hamish’s first encounter with Beatson Cancer Charity was when he seen the tea trolley doing the rounds at The Beatson, so it’s quite fitting that it has its place in this incredible journey.